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What to Do When Someone is Choking?

what to do if someone is choking

Choking is when someone’s airway is blocked and air can’t flow into the lungs. It basically cuts off O2 to the brain and can rapidly lead to unconsciousness. Choking can cause permanent brain damage or even death in some cases, so it is important that is treated immediately and effectively. First aid for choking aims to provide immediate lifesaving interventions. Here you can learn what to do if someone is choking. Make sure to contact Cyprus First Aid and start your training.

Firstly, you need to stay calm and assess the situation quickly and accurately while following basic safety precautions.

  • Stand on the side of the victim and bend them forwards and give up to 5 back blows to try and dislodge the blockage.
  • If the above technique is unsuccessful, stand behind the victim and wrap your arms around their waist. Make a fist and place it above their navel. With your other hand, grab your fist and give it a quick upward push.
  • Repeat this until the object is forced out.
  • In case of an unresponsive person that is choking and not breathing, then you need to call 112 and ask for an ambulance and start CPR.

Choking is a serious medical emergency that requires immediate and urgent attention. Remember, if someone is choking you need to act immediately. With rapid thinking and action, you can make a huge difference in a choking emergency.